Monday, July 30, 2012

DC100: Truly A Carbon Copy of Land Rover Sport

Being one of the legit SUV manufacturers in the world, Land Rover has launched another series regarded as Defender DC10 and according to the testimonials of experts out there this was derived From the land rover sport and has been modified to come up with not just the performance but also the quality. Part of the regular expected engines from the previous versions, this vehicle uses the most advanced V6 petrol engine that could produce speed in a minimum period of time and could produce good numbers. On the other hand, it has excellent mileage that could therefore help drivers in saving their money to gas cost and also will help the environment as this engine was approved by the United States Government.
 DC100 has undergone several road test and experts have already approved the safety measures it possessed. Basically this is actually a continuation of the Discovery only then there were several changes made for it to appreciate by people. The first thing is the platform.  It has a shinny exterior and stylish interior of which could compete with other vehicle models from the leading brands. The winding features leather seats and excellent electronic system such as speakers and built in stereos. As parts of its first launched, DC100 has been features in several auto shows in Germany as well as in United States. For the upcoming years to come it is expected that DC100 could bring up the revenue the manufacturer are looking at. Bottom line, people could expect a lot of changes from this stuff since we’re in the innovative generation.

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