Friday, August 3, 2012

Jaguar XJ – Mind Blowing Appearance This year!

Drivers have been proactive with what is happening in the automotive world today and you know what there were some drives that could truly grab their attention these days and one of them is the Jaguar XJ which have been present several years ago. Basically, this is one of the comprehensive models ever. XJ actually falls once when it comes to driving dynamics and people have been disappointed with the said model. On the other hand, it has truly a different interface these days and many have been enticed. There were some innovations made by the auto maker for XJ to meet up the requirements of the customers.  
XJ mainly features a powerful engine that could not only take driving level to its max but would also bring up the finest performance ever. There were also additional features that could be seen on the interior portion of the vehicle. As for the fuel consumption there might be an issue though the auto maker is now taking their journey to come up with the diesel engine and could drive Jaguar to its succeeding years.  On one side, there is a rumor that the automatic version would be out in the market later this year of which could again boost up the automaker’s reputation. It’s not just the vehicles they are dealing these days though since there were service centers being scattered in several countries to help up some recalls with the parts and issues of drivers to their vehicles. There are also online guides being issued by Jaguar for drivers not to rush things on the go. For the upcoming years to come it is expected that XJ would again appear on the stage with it latest version.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ford Focus: Taking Driving To The Next Level

For almost 22 years in business Ford have consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements and servicing people with all their means.For the upcoming years to come, it is expected that their reputation will boost as their revenue do for the past years. But this year's even would be a different thing since the latest Focus would appear on the center stage showing off the performance that have never seen before and to mention some of the features ford has claimed top honors on the U.S. As such your driving habits will help determine whether you’ll be able to go further than the Ford’s EPA approved 76-mile range. Ford says that a Focus Electric may be driven up to 100 miles on a single charge. Another thing is the advanced features that would be seen on the vehicle include the safety peripherals of which demanded by many consumers to other vehicle models. 

Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel efficiency list, exceeding 100 miles per gallon and the focus is here present with the diesel engine helping consumers saving gas especially these days where economic crisis is still on going. . Basically this is  the Festival of Speed is Europe’s premier historic motor sporting event that will be held in Europe. On the other hand there is a testimony from the  the Detroit automaker announced that the EPA had certified its 2012 Ford Focus Electric with 110 miles per gallon equivalent MPG city rating and 99 MPGe on the highway.

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DC100: Truly A Carbon Copy of Land Rover Sport

Being one of the legit SUV manufacturers in the world, Land Rover has launched another series regarded as Defender DC10 and according to the testimonials of experts out there this was derived From the land rover sport and has been modified to come up with not just the performance but also the quality. Part of the regular expected engines from the previous versions, this vehicle uses the most advanced V6 petrol engine that could produce speed in a minimum period of time and could produce good numbers. On the other hand, it has excellent mileage that could therefore help drivers in saving their money to gas cost and also will help the environment as this engine was approved by the United States Government.
 DC100 has undergone several road test and experts have already approved the safety measures it possessed. Basically this is actually a continuation of the Discovery only then there were several changes made for it to appreciate by people. The first thing is the platform.  It has a shinny exterior and stylish interior of which could compete with other vehicle models from the leading brands. The winding features leather seats and excellent electronic system such as speakers and built in stereos. As parts of its first launched, DC100 has been features in several auto shows in Germany as well as in United States. For the upcoming years to come it is expected that DC100 could bring up the revenue the manufacturer are looking at. Bottom line, people could expect a lot of changes from this stuff since we’re in the innovative generation.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coil Spring Isolator Proper Installation

Just today, a box has been delivered in your house here in Philadelphia, Yes, the part I ordered from one of auto parts store on the internet.  The coil spring isolator of my Silverado was damaged and hence I needed to replace it. Not a tough job. Actually it would only take 1 and a half hour. First off, here are the things you should have:

Floor Jack
2 Jack Stands
5/8" Combination Wrench
19mm Socket and Socket Wrench
3 6" 2"x4" Blocks
2 8" 2"x4" Blocks
Large Hydraulic Jack
Small Hydraulic Jack
Tire Iron or Impact Wrench with 3/4" Socket

I recommend getting a Westar Coil Spring Isolator because the quality of this brand is really different from others.
  1. You can start the installation by unpacking the box and organizing the things that you will need such as the above mentioned.
  2. Next step is to park your car in a safe place, much better if it is on your own garage. Then, start removing the wheel by placing a jack underneath. Now you can remove the bearings as well as the wheels. Start by turning the jack higher until it reached the right height. Once remove, install the coil isolator and make sure they are properly fitted.
  3. Once done, you can start lowering the jack and test if it is ok.  However you can consult the local mechanic and ask how to auto repair.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lincoln MKX - Extending Its Gears!

I like this car, along with its Edge sibling from Ford Fusion. The updated nav-radio-heater interface takes a bit of time to sort out. But once you know where all of the buttons are and what they do, not to mention what can be found on the touch screen and doesn't have a button at all, the car is just fine. Sometimes I think in trying to offer so many options, they sometimes gum up the entire operation, and I would rate this one as being very close to overload. And I'm not really sure I'd opt for the upgraded Lincoln here, especially at 47 large. The Edge SEL can be had for about $10,000 less. I liked this car, and the sticker at $47K is quite honestly less than I expected, a rarity these days. I even like the new Lincoln front end (perhaps another rarity). Lincoln needed a defining design element, and the front ends on its cars and trucks accomplish that.

The truck drives well for the most part, with enough guts from the V6 and a nice, smooth transmission. The suspension strikes a decent balance between ride and handling (more toward the soft side) considering the weight you're hauling around. The interior materials are first-rate, and I love the center stack and its clean look. Of course, the reason it's clean is the MyLincoln Touch, and its radio, climate and navigation controls all use touch-sensitive buttons. They can, as Hart notes above, take some getting used to. I was annoyed at times, but I assume that would lessen over time. Overall, I think this is a fine alternative to a Lexus RX 350 or a Cadillac SRX. I'll say this: I'd take this all day over the last BMW X3 I drove. This blows that away.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X F 400: The Best Production Ever!

Here comes the most powerful production version of the Lancer Evolution as of the moment! Just last year the said model has been launched which entices everyone in the automotive world. Basically The FQ 400 is set to on sale in the UK in June of this year. To cite some of the specs the new FQ-400 comes with a retuned 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which is definitely capable of producing 403bhp at 6,500 rpm and 3,500 rpm sending the sports sedan from standstill to 62mph (100km/h) in a mere 3.8 seconds before reaching an electronically limited top speed of 155mph or 250km/h.
It is pretty sure that those interested in the FQ-400 wouldn't have mind at all if Mitsubishi removed most of these expedient features and thus lowering the car's price and most importantly, shaving a few pounds off the FQ-400's weight which is lighter than the previous production. And while The standard EVO X's advanced Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) four-wheel-drive system with Active Stability Control and Active Centre Differential, Active Yaw Control and Sport ABS, remains of course unchanged.

 Some of the upgrades are actually accompanied by a more hostile styling kit that comprises of a heavily vented bonnet, a new lightweight composite front bumper featuring carbon-fibre elements on its leading edges, a rear wing incorporating a gurney strip and a roof-mounted 'Vortex Generator', composite side skirts, a re-styled rear bumper with a carbon fibre diffuser plus additional lighting and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ford Explorer 2011

The all-new Ford Explorer is one of the best offerings in 2011, possessing a very stylish vibe, incomparable performance and one of a kind interior features. The vehicle goes on sale starting October 1, which is a big bugger by local standards as well as drivers around the world. Car enthusiasts can expect prices to amount to $19,740 for the petrol 2.5-liter single cab/chassis 4x2 manual, and $59,390 for the double cab Wildtrak 3.2 diesel auto although it worth the money for it can deliver a deluxe driving experience to future owners. The Explorer is also expected to land in more than 180 countries on five continents. It will be available in three cab styles, namely: double, super and single and in cab chassis and pickup bodies. In terms of design, the car possesses an interior storage that can include up to 20 pockets and nooks. There are bottle-shaped pockets as well present in all four doors, which can house water bottles. Driving experience is also terrific as it copes with five 2.0 tall adults. It is also brilliantly silent which creates a smooth sail no matter what driving conditions arise.  However above all, the thing that can’t be seen with other car brands that could be seen in explorer is the ease of maintenance. These days, there are auto parts store that offer replacement Ford Explorer parts such as Ford tailgate, Ford bumper covers, grille guards etc and they could be easily accessed through the presence of the internet service.